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Funky Cars

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Version 0.4 is out!

Welcome to Funky Cars! This site is about an arcade car game.
Enjoy driving around with your car, bumping everywhere! (todo:need a better catch-phrase :P)
This site was put up in about 5 minutes, so forgive me if it's quite crude :P

NOTE: Good 3d Blender low-poly modelers wanted!


2005-05-25    For all of you having problem with and dWordQuickStep, please look here for the solution :P
2005-04-28    I've just noticed that i haven't reported the Dogfight results. Well, i scored the sixth place on 11 entrants. The results and my final game are here. Also, i'm sperimenting with a kind of "gear" system for the drive model. It will be all automatic but should give a more realistic way of driving (the car accelerate less when you go very fast). This should also come useful for the engine sound. You should be able to hear the gear change as in cool games :P (but i don't promise you).
2005-04-12    I've been reported that the Forum was broken, so that it wasn't sending the confirmation e-mail. I've solved it, now registration doesn't need confirmation of email address.
2005-04-11    As promised, new release! This release contains many improvements: source code refactored, new "state" handler, track unloading, new race timing, turbo, a new track, etc etc etc. As always i'm waiting for feedback!
2005-03-29    Thanks to Mattias Fagerlund (author of DelphiOde), i solved one problem that was blocking me with the development. I'm planning a new release with some little updates. Stay tuned!
2005-03-20    My game for the Dogfight Competition is finished and waiting for judgement! :P You can try it downloading from here (Win and Linux binaries, source included). As i said it's very simple, but at least i managed to finish it before the deadline :)
2005-03-09    My DogFight Game Competition entry is almost complete, needing only some retouch. It ended up to be quite simple but it looks good :P I will probably publish it here after 2005/03/15.
2005-01-21    Now the documentation looks a little better.. i've spent some time commenting the code :)
2005-01-19    Added a Documentation section. Here you can find the PasDoc generated documentation for the project. It's still blank, but i hope to documenting everithing with time...
2005-01-11    Sorry for the lack of news, i'm taking part to the PGD DogFight Game Competition :P But don't worry, i'm using the same engine, so it will help FunkyCars too :)
2004-12-17    Added a screenshot showing a nice stress test :P
2004-12-16    Released version 0.3.1. This is a bug fix for previous release: added missing files that prevent execution. As always, comments are more than welcome.
2004-12-12    New version 0.3 avaiable. Shows how things are going on with cpu ai. Try it and let me know what you think about it :)
2004-12-03    The track export script is now usable. While on it, i'm starting to work on the AI of cpu cars. This is going to be really hard :P They just keep gettin stuck on every objects.
2004-11-26    The track/level editor is going to became a blender script :) Check the screenshot to see how it is coming out.
2004-11-24    I started working on the track/levels system, including the editor. The game can now load tracks data from file.
2004-11-18    Release a new wip version of the game! Go and check the improvements!
2004-11-18    Added some brand new phpBB2 forums! Join them!
2004-11-15    I've added some other screenshot to show how the track is coming out.. Don't take that for final anyway.
2004-11-12    I've set up the CVS! Take a look but remember that i'm quite new to cvs admin so forgive if you find strange things :P
2004-11-09    Site started :P Whoa!

Development information

This game is developed in Object Pascal, and uses the following libraries:
  • SDL: Simple Directmedia Layer is a simple, cross platform library for games.
  • OpenGL: The best 3D graphic library! Easy to use and cross platform!
  • ODE: The Open Dynamic Engine is the heart of this game. The engine handles the physics of the game: collision, forces, etc, etc.
  • JEDI-SDL: A pascal library wrapping SDL and much more!
    The game run under Linux and Windows, and compiles under Delphi/Kylix and Freepascal.
    It was developed mainly in Debian Linux.


    Tools used in making of this game includes:
  • The Gimp: the best raster graphic program ever!
  • Blender: open source 3d modeling


    This game is released under the terms of th
    Gnu General Public Licence
    Which means this is open source & free software.


    You can contact me through the forums.


    WARNING: This game is still in an alpha stage of development, so it may behave strangely and/or crash. I disclaim all responsabilities for any damage you can take from this program. Run at your own risk!
    Please read the included readme.txt

    You can download the program from here: Releases


    Greetings to:
    - All DGDev people (
    - Ivan Vodopiviz for his help with models
    - JEDI-SDL people, in particular Dominique Louis
    - Gersen