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by Nicola {MSX} Lugato
and Kierren KAS Small


Hello! This site is about The Sheep Killer, a cross-platform 3d game where you control a Viking and must kill sheeps!
Each sheep gives you five points. While killing sheep you must watch out from rams! They'll try to bite you, making you loose a life. You can also kill rams if you can, they give 10 points!


You can download the game here! It contains sources and executables for Windows and Linux. It should compile also on BSD, Mac and all platform supported by JEDI-SDL and Freepascal.
You can run it fullscreen with -fs option.
Current version: 1.1
- Adjusted choppy sounds on windows
- Adjusted a bug (dieing while changing the level)


Development of the game took about one month, with lots of base code already available. It was developed mostly on Debian Linux.
I've used the following tools, all open source:


You can contact {MSX} at:
This is an image :P
and also at the forum:

How to compile

Compiling this game should be easy:
- Download JEDI-SDLv1.0
- Download Freepascal 1.9.x (actually version 2.0.0 is broken)
- Edit compila.bat or (in /src directory) to adjust your path.
- Run compila.bat or
- This should generate an executable in the main directory (where media and src directories are)


The game is released under the GNU Public License.
Full text of the license is available here:


a screenshot

a screenshot

Please, don't hurt animals in real life!